My little business that I love

Sipping on my Christmas cup of cheer. 

Oh how I love my company. I started it when I decided to leave my previous job for mental health reasons. I was bored during covid quarantine, when my sister in law saw me down in the dumps- so she decided to help me. She pushed me to start a shop, because I am a creative person and made cute things. So I did start a shop and here we are today. My crafts and creations helped through a hard part of my life. Therefore all l i want to do is create for all of my lovely customers, so i can share a small part of my happiness and love. I hope all of my customers enjoy my shop as it is filled with love and positivity. 

Here at cute creations, i inspire to share my cute crafts with you all, and maybe along the way- more about me! Follow along on my instagram (cutecreationsbymeli) and here on this blog to follow this journey!